COVID-19 Information

Guidelines for Property Owners and Managers

To allow short-term vacation rental reservations and the acceptance of arriving guests in Monroe County, beginning the week of June 1 the following plan will be implemented. This plan will be reviewed weekly and updated as needed.

Health and Safety of Guests:

  • Remote check-in/out should be made available when possible to cut down on face-to-face interactions.
  • CDC resources must be provided to any guest while staying on property. These resources are available in multiple languages at the CDC website.
  • CDC guidance must be provided to guests traveling with pets and service/assistance animals if the property is pet friendly.
  • All properties must provide local COVID-19 guidance for guests. Monroe County has a dedicated webpage that includes local information at
  • Employees or contractors working in short-term rentals will be provided CDC related safety guidance to alleviate the transmission of the virus and provide further protection for employees and guests.

Cleanliness of the Property

  • All Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) sanitation guidelines must be followed: 61C-3.001 Sanitation and Safety Requirements of the transient lodging statutes.
  • CDC related guidelines that are for public spaces, businesses, schools, and homes must be followed which expand upon the State of Florida and DBPR requirements for safety and sanitation for all lodging.
  • Extra time must be allowed for enhanced cleaning procedures to take place between stays based upon the use of CDC cleaning and sanitization procedures.
  • Housecleaning shall conform to the “Enhanced Industry-Wide Hotel Cleaning Standards in response to COVID-19” adopted by the American Hotel & Lodging Association (AHLA).
  • All cleaning shall be completed prior to guest check-in, so as to avoid any physical contact between cleaning staff and guests.
  • Shared pools and elevators, as well as common areas, shall be subject to the Enhanced Industry-Wide Hotel Cleaning Standards (AHLA).
  • Spare blankets and pillows shall be removed unless cleaned between each guest stay.
  • To inform guests signage will be placed at each property highlighting the cleaning protocols between stays.
  • If multiple members of the cleaning and/or rental staff are present at a property, they should maintain at least 6 feet apart at all times, and wear masks and gloves.

Hand Washing & Hand Sanitizer:

  • CDC guidelines shall govern the duty of all employees to engage in frequent hand washing for the duration of at least 20 seconds and use of hand sanitizer. Washing hands with soap and water is the preferred method. In situations where soap/water is not available, alcohol-based sanitizer is recommended.
  • This should occur after any of the following activities: using the restroom, sneezing, touching the face, cleaning, smoking, eating, drinking, accepting items from a guest (ID, cash, credit card, key card), taking a break, and before a shift and as needed throughout the shift. When possible, employees shall wear gloves for added protection and sanitation efforts. Proper hand hygiene, in accordance with CDC guidelines, should be followed prior to and after removing the gloves.
  • Hand sanitizer dispensers shall include no less than 60% alcohol content, where available, and touchless where possible. As available, dispensers shall be placed at key guest and employee entrances and contact areas. At a minimum, this will include lobby reception areas and employee entrances, but could also include any other reception areas, entire lobby areas, restaurant entrances, meeting spaces, elevator landings, pools, exercise areas and other public areas as applicable to the property.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE):

CDC recommendations along with federal and local government regulations shall dictate appropriate PPE to be worn.

Pools and Beaches:

Seating shall allow at least six feet of separation between groups of guests.

Guest Health Concerns:

  • Responding swiftly and reporting to local health officials any presumed cases of COVID-19 at the property shall be a staff-wide requirement.
  • Employees exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 shall remain or return home. While at work, employees who notice a coworker or guest exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 shall immediately contact a manager.
  • At a minimum, vacation rentals shall follow CDC guidelines for employers and businesses, including instructing employees to self-isolate for the required amount of time, as defined by the CDC, from the onset of symptoms and be symptom-free for at least three days without medication.

Case Notification:

At a minimum, confirmed cases of COVID-19 shall be immediately reported to the Florida Department of Health in Monroe at 305-293-7500 in accordance with appropriate actions recommended by the CDC.

Physical Distancing & Queuing:

  • As recommended by the CDC’s social distancing guidelines, guests shall be advised to practice physical distancing by standing at least six feet away from other groups of people not traveling with them, including any area where guests or employees queue.
  • Such areas shall be clearly marked for appropriate physical distancing, and where possible, encourage one-way guest flow with marked entrances and exits. When applicable, lobby furniture and other public seating areas will be reconfigured to promote social distancing.