The Best Breweries, Wineries, and Distilleries in Key West

Key West Brewery

Taste your way through Key West by indulging in some local creations and libations that are made right here on the island! Whether it's a cold beer on a hot day or a nice relaxing glass of wine to cap off the day, Key West produces some very fine alcohol, and you can take your very own tasting tour on your next visit. Trying the brews and spirits made by local hands offers a unique perspective of the island and gives you the chance to learn some more about its rich history. 

We've compiled some of the best breweries, wineries, and distilleries in Key West so you can start your vacation planning today! 

Key West Breweries

  1. First Flight Brewery: This brewery is as far south as you can go for a pint in the USA. Known for its laid-back atmosphere, First Flight Restaurant and Brewery offers a diverse range of craft beers, from tropical IPAs to rich stouts. Their ‘Sunset Clipper’ is a must-try, perfectly capturing the essence of Key West.
  2. The Waterfront Brewery: A local favorite, this microbrewery is known for its innovative and refreshing ales. Their ‘Crazy Lady’ is a standout, a blond ale offering a light and refreshing finish that is perfect for that Florida sun. 

Key West Wineries

While there is no physical location, you can grab some amazing wines by Key West Winery locally at some of the wine shops. This charming winery is renowned for its unique tropical fruit wines. From mango to passion fruit, these wines offer an exotic taste experience. Their best-selling ‘Key Limen’ blush wine is a celebration of the island’s famous fruit and foods. 

Enjoy delicious flavors from the winery while on your vacation or you can join their club so you'll always have a taste of Key West with you even when you go back home!

Key West Distilleries

  1. Key West Legal Rum: Experience Key West's first legal rum distillery and enjoy some finely made spirits right here on the island. Celebrating the tropical liquor of choice and the famous Rum & Coke beverage, Key West Legal Rum offers some amazing rums and even a few other types of spirits as well. Visit their distillery to take a tour and learn about the process or just sit up at the bar and do a sampler of all of their spirits.
  2.  Papa's Pilar: Try firsthand an incredible spirit that was inspired by Ernest Hemingway. Named after his boat, Pilar, this distillery celebrates a local icon and brings some amazing flavors to life in their rums that he would certainly be proud of. You can visit the distillery and learn about the distilling process and more about the history of Ernest Hemingway and rum! It is not only a great taste but a fascinating experience as well. 

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